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Katie Scorgie
Katie Scorgie

Katie Scorgie – Fine Artist

Hi – welcome to my website and thank you for taking the time to visit.

Born in 1969, Katie Scorgie has been painting full time since graduating with a Degree in Fine Art from Plymouth University in 2000.  She is a well established and renowned fine artist, with equestrian, landscape and canine being her main subjects.  

Having ridden for most of her life, including in point to points, Katie has an unconscious knowledge of horses that is evident in her portrayal of them.  Katie’s unique and instantly recognisable style is achieved through instinctive, vigorous mark making, strong draughtsmanship and channelling, bringing the essence and spirit of her subjects alive.   Everything in the composition is treated equally and the viewer may feel that they could be standing at that moment in time, as well as enjoying the brush strokes of the painting in their own right.

Katie has exhibited widely and her most notable commission to date was being Artist in Residence to the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment during 2011-2012, the year of the Royal Wedding between the Prince and Princess of Wales, culminating in an exhibition at Hyde Park Barracks.

Katie’s Gallery at her home in Hinton St Mary, North Dorset, is open all year round and she welcomes commissions:  equine, canine and landscape.



Round Bales

I am delighted to be teaming up with Caroline Nicholls, renowned milliner and clothes designer, in a fantastic new collaboration – she will be exhibiting some of my new paintings next week at Cheltenham Racecourse for the Countryside meeting, 17th-19th November, on her stand which is No 48 in the shopping village.  Caroline Nicholls is ‘A luxury, countryside inspired fashion brand with a touch of elegance’ and her website is www.carolinenicholls.com

Round Bales – Katie Scorgie

Round Bales

I entered the Russell Cotes Museum Open Call for Artists linked with the Lucy Kemp-Welch exhibition at the Russell Cotes Gallery in Bournemouth and am delighted to say I am a shortlisted winner with the landscape painting below – Round Bales.  It is being exhibited in the Cafe at Russell Cotes along with the four other short listed winning pieces.

I have enjoyed Lucy Kemp-Welch’s work for some years. Being born 100 years before me, a time when horses in every day life were common place, it would have been natural for her to draw them, spend time around them and, therefore, have a thorough knowledge of them. I have owned and ridden horses since I was young so I also have an instinctive feel for horses, which has given me an intuitive awareness when I am drawing or painting them. You wouldn’t necessarily term Kemp-Welch as an equestrian artist as she is a natural draughtsman and she treats everything in the composition with equal importance. This is something I have always strived to do, as everything is connected. Looking at Kemp-Welch’s paintings, you are also enjoying the texture of the paint in its own right and sense you could be standing there at that point in time – this is exactly how I hope the viewer feels whilst looking at my work. 

For more information on this, visit the Russell Cotes Museum site here

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I feel it is an honour to do a commission for someone – that they have entrusted you to capture exactly the feel, essence and likeness of whatever they have commissioned.  I very much enjoy this process from start to finish – meeting the animal or landscape (or not if it is not possible), and making sure the customer gets exactly what they would like.

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